June 2, 2015

Cape Life: A Heroic Duo is Born

Superheroes are very trendy at the moment. I would like to imagine that Cole (aka SuperPup) and I started this movement, but that would be a bit narcissistic. While prior to owning Cole I would wear knee highs, funny headbands, and bright colors I didn’t start wearing full costumes while running up mountains until my sidekick began joining me.


I’ve never enjoyed the typical hiking attire which includes neutral colors and loose fitting clothes. I relished in finding style when on my adventures. Then, once I realized that Cole could keep up, was low maintenance on 30+ mile hikes, and was willing to wear goofy garb (collars, bow ties, shirts, sunglasses and, of course, capes) I knew we were a match made in fashionable Heaven.

First Hike

It should be noted that Cole’s first hike was via the toughest hiking trail up Mt Washington through Huntington Ravine. While he wasn’t exactly a natural at 7 months old, he certainly cooperated as I tucked his furry body under my arm and climbed.


As our endeavors became longer and more challenging people began calling us superheroes… Wonder Woman… Super Woman… Wonder Dog… Super Pup. Suddenly, an idea was born. I decided we would stand out while scaling rock faces, kayaking in the ocean, or breaking through several feet of snow.


In the past 2 years Cole and I have done several hikes that were 30+ miles with 10,000+ elevation gain. We have hiked in New Hampshire, Vermont, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, New York, Maine, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina. He joins me for open water swims in lakes (roughly 1/2 to 1 mile in distance), kayaks with me, runs beside my mountain bike, and even climbs routes as difficult as 5.5 ratings.


He has done several winter ascents up Mount Washington in white out conditions and rarely is hesitant to follow. We have camped together in my car, tent, and in random fields under the stars.


I welcome you to follow us on our future journeys and discover nature, excitement, and heroic feats of fortitude. Please feel free to contact us for seminars, speaking to groups, motivation sessions, and writing for interested publications. You may utilize the ‘contact us’ section of the home page or leave a comment. Happy trails!


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